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About Us

Our Event

Amidst a Covid-19 Pandemic we have adapted to an online event in which delegates are placed into separate online committees to debate sample United Nations Topics. Delegates are expected to have researched their topics prior to committee in order to effectively collaborate and debate. The committees are run by experienced chairs from high school Model United Nations programs who will lead and provide insight to any questions or proposals made during the committee. 

Our Mission

We hope to provide an educational experience to students at the middle school level looking to indulge in the experiences of Model United Nations. Delegates should come out of this event with a strong grasp on the innerworkings of Model United Nations and be ready to excel at the high school Model United Nations level. 


How should I dress for the conference?     ​

Delegates are required to dress in formal attire for the conference; if you were to present before the UN, what would you wear? 

What is a position paper and do I need to write one?    

A position paper is a piece of prose that addresses a nation's perspectives on the topics discussed in committee.  Position papers typically consist of three main parts: background information (illuminates why your country has a vested interest in the topic), facts and policy (nation's official policies towards the topic and any facts that supports your perspective), and potential solutions.  For all committees, position papers are necessary to be considered for awards (specific instructions can be found in the individual chair letters). 

What is a resolution paper?

A resolution is a document that contains all the issues that the committee wants to solve and the proposed solutions to that issue. It’s called a resolution because that’s what the United Nations calls the documents they produce.

What are "points of motion"?

In Model United Nations, "points" are a method of communicating one's intentions when electing to speak. For example, a "point of information" is requested by a delegate when intending to ask another delegate a question following a speech or statement. 

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