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Model United Nations

About Our

We work in close collaboration with Model United Nations programs at the high school level in order to provide an educational experience for younger participants. 


Why Should You Join?

"I joined Model United Nations as a freshman in high school and fell in love with the program. However, I spent all of my freshman year on the sidelines learning because I didn't have the experience that my peers had. If I had the opportunity to pursue Model United Nations at a younger age I would have definitely felt more comfortable and excelled further. Knowing the innerworkings of Model United Nations before high school is definitely a game changer. Plus, the added benefit of learning collaboration in a stress free environment makes Junior Model United Nations an excellent and enjoyable learning environment."

- Doron Indelicato,

2021 Secretary-General of United Nations Association of Rochester Model UN Programs


What is a position paper, and do I need to write one?   

A position paper is a piece of prose that addresses a nation's perspectives on the topics discussed in committee.  Position papers typically consist of three main parts: background information (illuminates why your country has a vested interest in the topic), facts and policy (nation's official policies towards the topic and any facts that supports your perspective), and potential solutions.  For all committees, position papers are necessary to be considered for awards (specific instructions can be found in the individual chair letters). 

How should I dress for the conference?     

Delegates are required to dress in formal attire for the conference; if you were to present before the UN, what would you wear? 

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